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Why Should Rock Eel Café Custom Craft Your Site?

Three words. Fast. Clean. Compliant. Let's take each one in turn

    Fast Downloads Save Your Customers' Time:

    Pleasing customers on and off the web means providing what they want, when they asked for it. On the web that means download speed. While on broadband (cable modem) there is no apparent difference between an efficiently coded small page and a bloated page with lots of unnecessary FrontPage-derived formatting and tags, the fact is less than 3% of the country has broadband.

    Our custom-coded sites typically result in 4%-7% smaller page sizes as compared to a "template site." These small changes make a big difference in delivering a "crisper" web experience to your customer, keeping the total download time below 10 seconds/page in many cases. One of our clients posted an average download speed of 2.78 seconds for November 2001, more than five times (500%) faster than the Keynote Consumer40.

    In fact, Keynote Systems rated our web delivery an astounding 14-times faster than the "Consumer40" in June 2000! The Consumer40 is an index of nationally-known web sites. (Web performance does vary widely over time. Full test results available.)

Orchidesign™ Features

  • Multiple-use Javascripts in libraries reduce the total code on your site and make site-wide updates/upgrades easier. Sites that are easier to maintain, get maintained…
    For examples of some advanced scripting:
  • visit our sign-up form and hit ‘Register Now’ a couple of times on a blank form
  • try out the demo coaching scheduler
  • Forward-compatibility is designed in with cascading style sheets and other industry standards:
    • The tables have turned! While backward-compatibility used to be 1° and is still important, many short-sighted web hacks committed the same error as the Y2K bug. As newer browsers come out, these folk's scripts and hence their clients' sites were locked into 4th generation techniques that just break rather than degrade gracefully. Visitors to these pathetic sites have the choice of calling or sending an e-mail with questions, or just leaving to shop elsewhere. Which sounds more likely?
    • We pay attention to typographic conventions and focus on delivering information, rather than just "razzle dazzle" flash and graphics. Study a layered menu example. sites still accomplish their purpose with images off.
    • We're prepared now for the wireless web to come. Rarely will you find a Café-coded page that won't automatically adapt to the screen size. Our minimal use of graphics keeps transmission times short and page displays legible, functional and searchable.

  • In some cases, hand-coding accomplishes the impossible: The homepage has layers that work on NS, IE and Opera, when the W3 document object model says they're not supported!
  • Our on-line/off-line promotional strategies contain the right amount of high tech AND high touch to elicit active interest from your high tech customers, without excluding those for whom high tech is either a convenience, annoyance or hardly considered. Our work with you leverages your considerable investment in your staff, store and your off-line furnishings and equipment.


    Learn about our clean code… 
    More Food for Thought from the Rock Eel Café 

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    Have you fallen prey to three-click groupthink?
    Read this article from The Industry Standard to find out!
    The print edition of this article appeared 20 March 2000, p. 101

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