What's it like to work at the Café?

Well, to co-op the Peace Corps for a moment, it's one of the hardest jobs you'll ever love. We make a lasting difference in peoples' lives. To do so, we have to continually operate on the fringe of fear, because what people need is often a far cry from what they want.

So, you want to work with us @ the Kaffihús Skerjasteinbítur [Rock Eel Café]? We can't promise anything of course, and we don't hire full-time staff, as explained in the virtual team policy, in case you entered the site through a side-door so to speak. Tell us a little bit about your self, and how you see our alliance creating a win-win, and we might be able to make constructive use of some of y.o.u.r. creative energies.

 Background Information

We know that many of you, our valued visitors, guests & members, want to apply systems thinking principles in practice. One such way is to upgrade your level of participation to the partner or sponsor experience. If your situation is such that upgrading must wait, consider the benefits of an internship or working as an independent contractor with the Systems Thinking Institute LLC, sponsor & founder of the Rock Eel Café.

Interns are unpaid volunteers who gain knowledge, industry exposure and experience in systems thinking practices. Independent Contractors are individuals or firms with whom we form joint alliances for mutual benefit, typically for a specific task and for limited scope & duration. (Our legal beagles made us say that, and the following) In neither case can the individuals concerned be considered employees or statutory employees of Systems Thinking Institute LLC, no contract is created.

Note: items labeled in Green are Required.

By answering a few questions then sending your background data, we can begin to get a picture of your unique combination of gifts and abilities. While we welcome résumés e-mailed to work@eelhost.com, they merely supplement and do not replace this form. While naturally, we cannot place every submitee in a meaningful role, we do review and retain each posting, as we recognize the hopes and dreams they represent. As a courtesy to our busy staff, we kindly request no calls, please.

 Contact Information
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Your three most recent positions. The order of jobs is not important. For each job entered, information is required in each of the four columns with green labels.
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Your three most recent degrees. If your life experience hasn't included college, just skip this section. For each degree entered, information is required in each column with an green labels. Information in the other columns is helpful.
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 Just a Few Supplemental Questions

There's some additional information, not typically in your résumé, that is very helpful in our evaluation. Please answer as many questions as possible.

 Job Goals
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 About You
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 Please Help Us
We are curious about how you learned about Kaffihús Skerjasteinbítur [Rock Eel Café]. Please help us by selecting one of the choices below.
 Submit Agreement, the Last Step!

Neither Systems Thinking Institute LLC, Rock Eel Café, its staff, agents, or assigns is responsible for the verification of data provided and shall not be liable for any errors, factual, transcription or otherwise, contained in the information posted. By submitting this information, you are pursuing unpaid internships and/or independent contractor arms-length business relationships. No employment contract is created by this submission. Further, we assume no obligation with respect to the compliance of the information or application process with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations of any kind regarding employment practices. (Lawyers don't really think people read this stuff, honest!)

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