A quality repair includes several steps:

one of Prestige's repair processorsAn auto claims process starts with an estimate. Prestige uses up-to-day technology including digital cameras and on-line work estimating software that feeds directly into insurance carriers' computers, saving you both time and money.

We recognize how busy our customer's lives are. Prestige's facility at 200 Frontage Road in Manchester includes a child's play area, Play space as well as a separate turn-around office where “road warriors” can get some work done during any necessary waiting time.

After the claims assignment, the next step is preparing the car for the repair, or "prepping." Our daily work is Staging Area staged so that we can minimize the movement of vehicles, concentrating our energies on completing all our customers repairs most efficiently.

Work Bays Prestige has 14 work bays, 4 prep bays and 3 paint rooms or booths with highly trained technicians working under the direction of career-minded supervisors, ensuring that the quality of the work your car receives is consistently excellent.

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