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Hoo-R-U: The Hoot Owl of On-line ResearchSolutions on Tap: Serving up Domain Details

by Matt Weilert

This demo home page of the soon to be re-launched "Hoot Owl of On-Line Research" blends many of the most popular items on the Rock Eel Café web menu.

  • Low-bandwidth rollovers
  • Javascript customizations (the specialty clock telling time in words, the “meal servings”)
  • Customized site-specific search engine, with phonetic matching (so you can find it, even if you spell it wrong!)
  • Extensive, deeply-researched links (behind the scenes there are more than four dozen registrars and whois databases linked for this portal). You literally have a world of domain name information at your fingertips!
  • Merchant Tie-ins (on-line secure ordering: the bookstore and domain registration)
  • WAP-ready construction (scales well to both large and small screen sizes)
  • Visit the Temporary Home of to test drive this domain portal.

    As is always our goal, this page works on Netscape, IE and Opera. 

    Fast. Clean. Compliant. Orchidesign™ is only from Rock Eel Café. 

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    Visit the Hoot Owl of On-line Research:
    Have you fallen prey to three-click groupthink?
    Read this article from The Industry Standard to find out!
    The print edition of this article appeared 20 March 2000, p. 101

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