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Building Good Citizens screenshotWeb Site: Building Good Citizens for Texas

by Matt Weilert

In a post-September 11th world, there is no greater need than to invest in the future of our country and that means first and foremost, those who will lead us in the future. Building Good Citizens is a character education program currently in use by more than 360 Texas School Districts. In taking over this site from the original creator, my goal was to keep the look while drastically simplifying the bloated template code. Additionally, in the yellow layers and especially the Traits page, there is some fun leading edge code.

What I did:


  • Created cross-browser compatible HTML
  • Optimized photos for best web display and low-bandwidth transmission
  • Extensive strategy sessions with Owner to ensure consistency of marketing message
  • Authored site body copy
  • Programmed customized rollover scripts
  • Structured information flow

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