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Skerja screenshotWeaving the Web One Thread @ a Time

by Matt Weilert

Working with the Rock Eel Café is like eating ice cream: our Collaboration Coaches™ and Web Craftsmen always have good produce in season, it looks and tastes great, but too much too fast can give you a headache…! Most of our clients are themselves small business owners who have better things to do than become web wizards. They're leaders in their respective industries. We enable our clients to turn business goals into customer experiences. A cornerstone of the Rock Eel Café experience, the Orchidesign™ philosophy, is outlined in the sidebar.

What I do:

As the lead consultant of this unique federation of independent firms, I'm responsible for supporting organizational learning here at this digital delicatessen. I oversee the documentation and sharing of best practices, technical solutions and other knowledge sources throughout the member companies that make up Kaffihús Skerjasteinbítur [Rock Eel Café]. With the help of peers and cross-disciplinary teams, I ensure that our solutions process – the Orchidesign Process™ – is constantly improving. Because developing our practice takes many forms, we have our fingers in many pies. On any given day I could be acting as the professor or student in a skills sharing session, the facilitator for a knowledge sharing session on an emerging technology (a step up), and the researcher reviewing a new methodology for rapid development.

On a daily and weekly basis, I will

  • Lead company and client side teams through application development efforts appropriately scaled to the client
  • Create development and communication plans for each engagement and manage delivery against those plans.
  • Work to reconcile client goals with a defined budget
  • Follow a defined methodology for repeatedly delivering fast, clean, compliant ‘webware’ that includes requirements analysis, application design, resource planning, project planning and scheduling.
  • Speak with prospective new clients
  • Develop and deliver formal business presentations
  • Facilitate meetings/processes both within the federation and with external partners
  • Mentor team mates
  • Contact us today!
    Learn how Rock Eel Café can
    leverage your technology investment,
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    The print edition of this article appeared 20 March 2000, p. 101
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