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For individual access to the systems thinking library and internet/technology coaching services complete the fields below. The web design and hosting template is a downloadable zipped spreadsheet. It's easy to complete. While this form is not secure, it is processed on secure servers. Once you hit "register" it will activate the security feature and complete your registration securely. With our IDLsm skill-scaled help, y.o.u.r. abilities set the pace. Our pledge to you is to answer your questions without the nerdy arrogance you've come to expect from techies.

We're happy to have you as a customer, and we want you to be happy too! Per our terms of service, New Accounts must be paid in advance for the term chosen within 15 days or may be deactivated and purged. Contact Us with any questions. 

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Expert, Bill takes lessons from both Linus & Me…

The surfer name you choose will be your login name and your Internet e-mail address, It should be no more than 15 letters and/or numbers, excluding ( ) ' < ? / \ { } [ ] | > : ; ~ ` ! # $ % ^ & * + = " + ' " ', and must NOT be made up entirely of numbers.

Many people choose a combination of their initials & name. For example, John Allen Smith's surfer name might be johns, jsmith, jasmith, jallen, jas, etc. For passwords, it's a good idea to mix letters and numbers, such as ap3plep5ie. If you leave the password field blank, the system will assign one to you, which you can change on-line later. 

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Our unique neighborhood basis means that if we can't trust your cheque, we probably don't want you as a customer. [If you don't have a banking relationship, call us, we can recommend someone through our growing community bank network,, launching on the web soon!] An ambitious goal we aim to meet is that one or more of our Neighborhood Technology Coaches will know each member of the “family” personally. Just from that statement alone, you can readily tell this technology experience will likely surpass any you've had to date…

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