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Business Plan Features

Our business plan hosting includes a number of unique features, because we are in the business to develop long-term alliances with a select number of clients, not to make a quick buck this quarter to impress our Vulture Capitalists. For the flat fee of $US 59.95 each month, each business partner receives
  • customized site-wide search engine, enabling “sound-alike” phonetic searching, so your surfers can find what they're looking for, even if they don't know how to spell it!
  • customized error page, tailored to y.o.u.r. specific site look & feel, with a search engine link, and
  • Weekly updates with fresh content you provide, to keep your site "fresh and alive." We can if you want, custom craft compelling feature content through our sister division, Skerja Communications. Inquire for details.
  • up to three hours pre-scheduled technology coaching per month, for up to six months. That's a learning potential of 18 consultant hours bundled with your pre-paid annual business plan package!! We challenge anyone to present us with a more needs-based value proposition. We will proudly place our service commitment side-by-side with any firm you can recommend.

3 hrs monthly coachingNeighborhood Internet provides ‘neighborhood internet’ service which means an end to confusion & chaos for you! Since we target small to mid-sized businesses, and the SOHO [small office/home office] market, you can be sure you're not competing for the attention of a media giant, who wants nothing more than your monthly fee and your personal data—to sell to the highest bidder... still makes house calls! Come to ‘The Coffeehouse of the Rock Eel, [Kaffihús Skerjasteinbítur]’ for your in-house technology coach!

Here at the Rock Eel Café, through our Neighborhood Internet Service,, we are building a one-to-one cadre of real people teaching technology to those eager or at least willing to learn. We work with individuals and SMEs [small to medium enterprises] who understand the best things in business are worth every penny and have figured out long ago that robbing Peter to pay Paul hurts not only your pocketbook, but your friendships as well.

Our community involvement charter is to provide access to technology to empower both business and residential populations. Those with something to loose have a stronger reason to fight for limited government, safe towns, good schools, etc. than do those who have nothing now and nothing to look forward to tomorrow.

If our viewpoint on the internet, technology and personal empowerment matches yours or appeals to you, why not sign-up with us, on-line, right now? Don't delay, seize the moment. If not, surf's up, enjoy the ride.

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